I am having problems with my Nokia 6600 Infrared + Bluetooth connectivity problem. When i bought the phone everything thing used to work fine. Using Nokia PC Suite i was able to connect with my 6600 via My Laptop's Infrared Port.

I have Dell Laptop, running Windows XP SP1 and has builtin Infrared port. I am using latest releast of Nokia PC suite.

I am following correct steps to connect...

1 Enable the Infrared on my handset 6600
2 Place the handset 6600 near the infrared port..so there is strong and clear signal connection.
3 My Laptop picks up the Mobile trying to connect via infrared Port.
4 I start Nokia PC Suite, Which also picks up my mobile 6600 via Infra

but after few seconds it loses connection. but then it connects again...so its kind of On and Off situation every few seconds...

I have no idea what is causing this.

I have another handset Nokia 6230..Everything seems to be working Fine with that handset. I can Connect via infrared and use all function of Nokia PC Suit.

Has anybosy came across this infrared issue with Nokia 6600. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks
riz : )