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    Can we convert a JAVA PC application to Mobile application ??

    I just wanted to know is there any tool to convert a Java PC application to Mobile application..
    I have made two application for PC and now i want to convert it to Mobile appliction.
    So can anybody tell me is there any tool to convert it.
    If not then let me know what should i do to make a Mobile Application.

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    RE: Can we convert a JAVA PC application to Mobile application ??


    I don't know of any conversion tools. The reason for lack of such tools is outlined below.

    It depends on the classes you use in your application how hard it is to convert. The basic Java classes are much the same, although more limited in J2ME, compared to J2SE.

    The biggest differences are in user interface classes. If you used Swing, then a rewrite is much more involved than if you used AWT. The UI in J2ME has only the very basic components, like text field, radio and choice lists, etc.

    One other consideration is the size of the application. Many popular phones support MIDlets of size of up to 30 KB or 50 KB.

    To recap, you should be able to port the application logic quite easily while the UI needs lots of work.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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