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    nokia sdk & device models

    Hello! Does anybody know if i can use the latest sdk to build appliications for old phones, for instance 3650. If no, how nokia is going to fix bugs found in sdk? All programs have bugs, errors, features not implemented. How is nokia going to fix bugs, errors, add features for old (and not so old) devices and sdk?

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    Well, I'm working with symbian and Nokia's SDKs for a while and I haven't notice many bugs and errors...

    Anyway, each SDK supports different set of phones...
    SDK S60 v1.2 - N3650, Siemens SX1, ...
    SDK S60 v2.0 - N6600, ...
    SDK S60 v2.1 - N7610, ...

    They have different features an some are even based on different versions of Symbian OS... (v1.2 - Symbian v6.1 and from v2.0 - Symbian v7.0s...)

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