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    frustrated trying to download the sdk

    I'm on a modem connection so I need to use file-resuming. I"m trying to use getright.
    The download servlet mechanism obscures the url of the actual download file so you *have to*
    use the browser to download. Even with that the file resuming is iffy. I attempted to d/l
    the smallest sdk - series 40 - finally did it but the file was currupted.

    So my question is ....

    Has anyone sucessfully downloaded any of the SDK's,
    with a modem connection?

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    hi! i was able to download the series 60 sdk with a modem connection. i was frustrated too when i was starting to download the sdks since its really huge and it seems as if it doesnt want to let you resume your download.

    finally i was able to use flashget, i forgot how i did it.. i think i dragged the link and placed it on flashget download manager. the download finished after i think it was either 1 whole day (from 7am to 12am), or 2 days with pause and resume.

    good luck in downloading! :)

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