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    Timing issues with PlayerListener

    Hi Forum,

    i split up a wav file into several smaller files (have reasons to do so) and now try to play these files in row via
    public void playerUpdate(javax.microedition.media.Player player, String str, Object obj) {
    if (str==END_OF_MEDIA){
    The playNextPart() method calls a realized and prefetched Player´s start() method.
    However i have some digital noise (a "click") and a short break (aprox. 200ms) before the next Player continues.
    Anyone know if its possible to continue sound output without this break?


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    the reason why it is happening is that when the media that u are playing ends, the player object which had started the playing stops giving that click sound and it takes sometime for the next clip to be initialised and played..what u can do is write a code where in just a second or two b4 the first media ends..start playing the second one..so u dont have a lag..and the media "click"would be hidden in the sound of the next file being played.

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