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    Problem while downloading Nokia Themes

    Hi Everybody,

    I am facing problem while downloading Nokia themes for series 40 phones from my web server over OTA.

    Infact i have made following settings on the server
    Mime type for .nth extension


    I am writing the theme data into the output stream from a servlet by setting the above content type

    But it is not happening. i.e. i am not able to download the item.
    Handset either says unknown item type
    i tried to access the theme file directly it downloads by shows the
    "PX and some zunk characters"

    Now my questions are :

    1- What is the exact mime type setting s for
    a- Nokia series 40 Themes
    b- Nokia series 60 Themes
    2- Is there any special setting to be done while sending the theme data in the output stream of a servlet.

    Waiting for the reply

    Rishi Tyagi

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    You have correct MIME type for S40 themes, for S60 themes you should use same MIME as to any SIS file (application/vnd.symbian.install).

    You have to check with some HTTP sniffer that your HTTP server giver a correct MIME type to that file. I have no problems when using IIS 5.0.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    Re: Problem while downloading Nokia Themes

    Quote Originally Posted by rishi_tyagi

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