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    6600 : Calendar alarm can't vibrate

    I have a strange problem here.
    My 6600 (has the latest firmware revision),
    doesn't want to vibrate (even though I already activate the vibrate option in the profiles) when It comes to alarm the calendar events I set.
    But, the vibration for SMS, MMS, ringin, ALARM CLOCK is OK.
    It means the vibration only has problem in CALENDAR only.

    But, my friends 6600 (also using the latest firmware revision),
    it's OK. Vibration can run well in CALENDAR.

    Is it mean that my 6600 is a bad product ?
    If it is, why just the CALENDAR that won't vibrate ? And the others is OK ?

    Man, this world is too crazy for me.

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    Re: 6600 : Calendar alarm can't vibrate

    Apparently the only way to do this is to 'Personalize' the 'Silent' 'Profile' s 'Ringing type' to 'Ringing' (do not have the ringing Type on 'Silent' as this prevents vibration for Calendar alerts, but allows vibration for incoming phone calls and text messages). Then set the 'Silent' 'Profile' s 'Ringing tone' to 'Off' & 'Vibrating alert' to 'On' for the silent profile. Also in the 'Silent' profile, put the ringing volume at the lowest, and choose a Calendar alarm tone to one which is very quiet such as 'door knock.awb'.

    The result will be that in Silent Mode, the phone vibrates for phone calls, messages AND Calendar entries, but the Calendar alarm tone will sound, but very quietly (practically inaudible) once you set up a tone which is inherently quiet for the calendar alert.

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