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    Application crashes when CEikAppUi::Exit() is called

    I use SDK 1.2 , my application seems to work properly in the emulator.
    But when I press the exit softkey and CEikAppUi::Exit() is called the programm crashes, even the whole emulator doesnt react anymore. The error message displayed is: E32USER-CBase 66
    I looked it up in the docs and found:
    "This panic is raised if an attempt is being made to insert a cleanup item into a position on the cleanup stack reserved for marking the current TRAP nest level. In practice this error occurs if the call to CleanupStack::PushL() happens when there has been no call to TRAP()."
    Which doesnt helps me much, cause I dont understand the meaning.
    It also seems that the destructors of my selfwritten CBase derived classes are not called, cause the logfile contains no entries that they were called. (maybe they arent called when Exit() is called)

    Maybe someone has some hints to find the error, can explain the meaning of E32USER-CBase 66, or best knows how to avoid this.


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    i found the reason for the crash. But I still get the E32USER-CBase 66 error.

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    could you paste the code snippet where it crashes? meaning how the method is called, and what is inside it?
    The meaning of the panic is probably something like:
    when you use CleanupStack::PushL() there must be some trap harnessing somewhere lower in the call stack which will catch possible leave... something like

    TRAP( //this can be in your method, but also somewhere deep in framework

    here some code / methods / classes




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