Hi all.

I've got a question that nobody managed to answer until now....

I've got a 8855 from the 20 series (it is a premium phone only sold on the Asia-Pacific market) and I'm looking for an extra battery.

The one who was included in the package is a BLB-3 model and its capacity is 1000mAh. I found some shops that still sell this model but the capacity is not the same, it is 930mAh and the phone is not on the compatibility list. Does this fit with the 8855 anyway ?

Moreover, I read on the Nokia website that the enhanced battery suggested is a BLB-2 model of 1000mAh:

So what is right and what is wrong ???

Which battery should I buy (BLB-3 or BLB-2) and can the capacity variation damage the handset ?

Thank you for your answers.

ps: I live in France