Can any body show me an example code of how to open compiled .hlp file with RApaLsSession?

I have this help file compiles ok and new i had to show the user the propper help section when user wishes it.

This I have:

switch (aCommand)
case ...

CArrayFix<TCoeHelpContext>* buf=AppHelpContextL();
RApaLsSession apaSession;
User::LeaveIfError( apaSession.Connect() );
CleanupClosePushL( apaSession );

<This is where The Help should open to a right Context place>
Below is old depricated version of doing this.
//HlpLauncher::LaunchHelpApplicationL( iEikonEnv->WsSession(), buf );

CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // apaSession


CArrayFix<TCoeHelpContext>* CMyAppUi::HelpContextL() const
CArrayFixFlat<TCoeHelpContext>* array = new( ELeave )
CArrayFixFlat<TCoeHelpContext>( 1 );
CleanupStack::PushL( array );
array->AppendL( TCoeHelpContext( KUidMyApp, KContextApplication ) );
CleanupStack::Pop( array );
return array;