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    How to show sms body preview

    I am developing my SMS sending application for 9210 starting from the GDSMS example.
    Obviously, if the phone is switched off the applicaion is not able to send the message over the network, then the message remains in the outbox folder till the phone is switched on again.
    Usually, in the messaging application, for each message in the outbox's list, both the recipient details and a preview of the first characters of the message body are shown.
    Anyway, for messages sent by my application (and by GDSMS too) only the recipient details are shown, while no body preview is available.
    Do you know the reason of this behaviour? I would like to have the preview of my messages shown, as well as for all the other messages. Does anybody know how to do that?
    If you have any idea, I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks in advance.

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    RE: How to show sms body preview


    It seems that the SMS client MTM does not do this automatically when the message is saved. You can set this value by hand from TMsvEntry::iDescription. Only 30 or some characters from the beginning will fit the iDescription.

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