Dear friends,

This struct is defined in a .h file.

typedef struct
int* pSocket ;
UdpCallbackFnStruct fnStruct ;
unsigned short localPort ;
int contextValue ;
unsigned char remoteIp [64] ;
unsigned short remotePort ;
} SocketStruct ;

I used in my project as,

SocketStruct g_sockArray [100] ;

This is a function in my project. How to achieve this copy Operation.
The following code doesn't work

unsigned char DRVUdpSocketSetRemoteHost (SOCKENGINEHANDLE engine, SOCKHANDLE socket, unsigned char* remoteIp, unsigned short remotePort)
unsigned char err;
(g_sockArray [index].remoteIp).Copy((const TDesC16&) remoteIp) ;
g_sockArray [index].remotePort = remotePort ;
return err;

I am unable to copy the remote ip address to the remoteip member of the structure. Please help me.

Thanx in advance.