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    Help me chose - 6230 / 6600 dilemma

    Hello all - this is my first post here, so I hope I am not out of order or anything.

    I am about to start trying out some J2ME application developing and was wondering wich phone to chose. I hope some of you can give me a pointer or two on wich phone to go for.

    The choice I feel I have, is between 6230 and 6600.

    Are there any differences in;
    * Java or programming support?
    * Connection and transfer to/from computer?
    * Do they support Bluetooth transfer of applications?
    * Is the "limited" JAR size supported by 6230 really a problem?

    What questions did I forget, please let me know!?

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.


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    6230: MIDP 1.0
    6600: MIDP 2.0 + bigger screen (176x208 pixels vs. 128x128 on the 6230.

    I'd pick the 6600 (or 7610), but if you want a smaller phone with a radio & MP3 player, too, then take the 6230.

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