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    problems with OTA config in 6230


    I encountered the following problem, which perhaps isn't relevant for normal user, but it matters for me, because I'm testing different handsets with different operators at the moment.

    I have 3 service settings (in services->connection settings ) with the same name. One of them was sent by OTA configuration and is locked (I can't edit the setting, just view them). The 2 other service settings were edited manually. Now I have the problem, that all 3 settings are locked and can't be edited.

    Does anyone has an idea?

    Thx for help

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    I have the same problem with GPRS settings, I've downloaded about 7 of them from the nokia web site, but there's no way to edit them, even the empty ones are locked.
    Seems to me that this is a software fault, because I've seen a 6230 with firmware version 3.15 , it's possible to edit GPRS settings on that one, whereas mine firmware version is 4.28.
    I think the only way to solve this problem is to downgrade your firmware.
    If anyone knows any more solutions,let us know. Thanks

    Got my phone replaced yesterday. You can edit the settings on v4.28 after all looks like they become locked after downloading...to download or not to download,thats the big question..
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