I am writing an application that will analyse any outgoing message. Using the MTM client for the plugin framework provided by the symbian, I can tap an incoming messag SMS/MMS depending upon the pattern matching ( as they say in their documentation) and process/analyse it.

My application wishes to tap all the outgoing messages so that I can process/ analyse them also.Ideally any out going message (SMS/MMS/Email) should be manipulated by my application.

Firstly , can I do that or not? I tried to look for the sample code on the web but nothing is public.

Scondly, Can I silently analyse any outgoing message as Norton Anivirus does for virus scanning?

Can I manipulate it or not?

Please provide me with some good reference URL or sample code or any documentation i should look for to get a good start in this context.

Awaiting your response,
Vinay Kawade