how to create a CEikGlobalTextEditor object without the resource file, ie. using ContructL() instead of ConstructFromResourceL()

void ConstructL(const CCoeControl* aParent, TInt aNumberOfLines, TInt aTextLimit, TInt aEdwinFlags, TInt aFontControlFalgs,TInt aFontNameFlags)

i seem to be able to create the same using ConstructL() , but the object doesnt show on screen. what are the values for the attributes in ConstructL()?

iGTextEd = new (ELeave) CEikGlobalTextEditor;
iGTextEd->ConstructL(this,2,10,0,0,0); // the last 3 values r dummies.. i dont know what should really go in there
iGTextEd->SetExtent(GTEXTED_POS, iGTextEd->MinimumSize());

what should be the value of the 3rd parameter in particular? also, how does one set the font?