I am trying to connect to my handset using the connection manager included in the PC Suite 6.1.

First I tried to install the connectivity sdk 3.0 but got several errors with the PC Suite that had worked fine before. So I decided to deinstall the SDK because the connection manager and all COM objects come with the PC Suite anyway.

But querying for the phone status in visual basic it is always disconnected. It does not matter if I I build a connection between handset and pc using the bluetooth software.

There is just one very inconveniant way to get it to work: Launching the phone editor included in the PC Suite and selecting my handset in the handset selection dialog. Then it is also working with visual basic.

So, is there a more conveniant way to connect to my bluetooth handset or is it possible to launch the handset selection dialog using visual basic?

Launching the connection manager itself is not helpful becuase the bluetooth devices are already paired and working as demonstrated using the PC Suite.

Thank you very much in advance.