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    .sis just for COPY files

    Hi All

    I am doing a photo editor program that can allow more photo frames files to be downloaded from time to time.

    So I want to create .sis installation file JUST to copy files to a certain directory. The problem is, as i understand, each .pkg file must be identified by a unique UID. And since I can't use the same UID for every .sis (it will remove previously copied files when the new one installs). So does that mean for each "copy file sis" i have to apply for a different UID (but there could be thousands of files for download later)?

    Is there any other way to make an installation file just to copy files? Or create .sis without unique UID?

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    This should answer your question. From SDK help (» Symbian OS v6.1 Edition for C++ » Tools And Utilities » Installation Reference » Package file format .pkg):

    The package type may be followed with only one of the package type arguments;

    Abbrev. option
    Full option name

    Contains an application (the default type).

    Contains a shared/system component such as a DLL or OPX which may be used by a number of applications. The component will be removed when the last application is removed which uses it.

    Contains an add-on or optional component, (dynamically loaded code, data files,…). The user may choose whether to install the component and may later remove the component independent of the main application it works with.

    Configures an existing application or service. The package should not contain any new files, only files which are either run or displayed during installation, or added to an existing component, e.g. settings. The package will not appear as a removable component after installation.

    Patches an existing component. It may be removed by the user.

    Upgrades an existing component. The package is not listed as a removable component after installation, the user will need to remove or reinstall the associated application to remove the changes.


    The ID and I8 (non-Unicode sis files) flags have been dropped from post ER5 releases

    The UID value should be unique for the following types of sis file: Applications (SISAPP), System/shared components (SISSYSTEM), Add-on/optional components (SISOPTION).

    The UID for the following types of SIS files should be identical to the UID for the main app or system component with which they are associated: Configuration components (SISCONFIG), Patches (SISPATCH), Upgrade components (SISUPGRADE).

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    Thanks a lot~! That's exactly what I'm looking for~!

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