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    Up load theme for 7250i

    I've been save my theme in NTH file , but I didn't find how to transfer that file to my cell phone. I've try with nokia PC suite but it can't. Is my cell phone ( 7250i) not compatible ??
    My friend also have same problem with his 3105 , and we both use a DKU-5 for conection.
    What we should do for solve the problem ???


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    All Series 40 phones might not support Series 40 Themes (just like not all Series 60 phones support Series 60 Themes; only the newer ones based on Series 60 Platform 2nd Edition or 2.x).

    The Series 40 Theme Studio download page only mentions two models: "Series 40 devices supporting themes include the Nokia 3220 and Nokia 6170."

    I don't know which models besides those are covered, but maybe your phones are not among those.

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