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    Will platform 2.0 apps run on 1.0 phones? (Series 60)

    Hi, can I write an app with the 2.0 SDK and run it on platform 1.0 phones too? If so, what 2.0 features should I stay away from to avoid compatibility problems?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't have any better advise, except that you should stay away of any and all such calls that are not documented in the Series 60 1.2 SDK (or Series 60 0.9 SDK, if you also want to be sure your app works on the 7650).

    The easiest way to do so is to also install the 1.2 SDK and compile your code with them & test on the respective emulators (and then on actual devices).

    Once you have it working on 1.2, then compile the same code on 2.0.

    Of course, you could also look for more assistance in Forum docs like:

    Series 60 Developer Platform 2.0: Source and Binary Compatibility v1.0:

    Series 60 Developer Platform 2.0: Specification v1.0:

    Series 60 Platform 1.x and 2.0: Differences in Features:

    Series 60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 1: What's New - Lead Features And APIs v1.0:

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    Ok, Thanks a lot ! That answers my question.
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