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Thread: Nokia 7610

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    Nokia 7610


    I have a Nokia 7610 and have tried to install the software that came with it on my PC, however the software on the disc is not compatible as I have Windows ME, is there a link where I can download the software for Windows ME as I want to transfer the pictures from my phone to the PC.


    (I have already posted this in the PC Connectivity forum, sorry for repeating myself but I want to back up phone and download my photos!)

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    The Nokia PC Suite 6.1/6.2 for the 7610 only installs & works on Windows 2000 or Windows XP, I'm afraid.

    However, you can get a PC-based MMC (memory card) reader for your PC (then just take out the card from your phone & put it in the reader).

    There might also be a Bluetooth adapter that supports Windows ME & then you can send the pictures from the phone to your PC over Bluetooth.

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