I am trying to use the HttpsConnection class for secure access to a web server. The web site uses basic authentication with a BASE64 encoded userid and password. This works properly in emulation with the latest Series 40 emulator, but fails with the released 6230 device. It also fails over an HttpConnection, again only on the device. A trace of the traffic at the server, indicates that the Authorization is transmitted as garbage from the 6230 although correctly submitted in the setRequestProperty() call. The same MIDlet operates correctly over the same wireless network with a Motorola Vxxx device, so I don't think the carrier is responsible. Has anyone seen a problem like this or had other problems with HttpConnection.setRequestProperty() on the 6230? Also, does anyone know why the implementation of HttpConnection feels obliged to be so verbose in adding headers. Why not leave it up to the programmer to manage them via setRequestProperty()?