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Thread: sip stack

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    sip stack


    I started using the sip stack for S60 v2.0, and was trying to run the example application from SIP Programmers Guide (for the Nokia SIP Stack). There is a function in the SIPExample class called ExecuteL that creates the CSIP, CSIPProfileRegistry and the CSIPProfile objects's as follows

    void CSipExample::ExecuteL()
    // Initialize SIP Stack
    iSIP = CSIP::NewL(iUid, *this);
    // Initialize ProfileRegistry
    iProfileRegistry = CSIPProfileRegistry::NewL(*iSIP, *this);

    // Get the default profile.
    iProfile = iProfileRegistry->DefaultProfileL();

    // Rest of the code commented

    Problem is, if I include the line "iProfile = iProfileRegistry->DefaultProfileL();", the program crashes with an unhandled exception after I exit my application. I tried putting "delete iProfile" in the destructor for CSIPExample, still no difference. The destructor already deletes iSIP and iProfileRegistry. If someone else has experienced this problem, or if u see something wrong with this code, can u please help?


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    Same here. I'll drop a you line here if I manage to fix it.

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    thanks.. will do the same!!

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    Re: sip stack

    Got the same trouble!!!
    As anyone solved this?

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