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Thread: NATs at GPRS?

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    NATs at GPRS?

    Does anyone know, what kind of NATs are used in GPRS and is it possible that the IP address (of the mobile phone) changes dynamically during GPRS connection?

    Thanks in advance!

    - jrantam

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    I found out that requests from different phones with same sim card come from same IP address.

    I would not count on the assumption that the ip phone will see will remain the same.

    I am using polling for connectivity.

    I am having problems with GPRS 24/7. (Sometimes phone boots). I asked if anyone else is doing that, and got zero replies.

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    The IP address behaviour will depend on the operator (what and how they've decided to do things).

    They might always assign the same IP to the same subscriber/SIM (or for a specific time period).

    They might assign private (using NAT) or public IPs.

    They might choose to do that based on the access point used (e.g., public IPs might use a different access point with different - typically more expensive - charging).

    With NAT they might use different proxies depending on where you are (resulting in different external IPs seen by machines contacted using the phone).

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