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    Nokia Connectivity Card DTL-4 and Microsoft CE 3.0 (Pocket PC 2002)


    where can I find drivers for CE 3.0 for my DTL-4 card? I do not understand why Nokia do CF card and do not offer drivers for Pocket PC computers...?
    Maybe someone managed to get that card working in Pocket PC with some third party drivers (like Socket Communication drivers for DTL-1)?
    I have HP Jornada 568 Pocket PC and Nokia 6310 Phone + DTL-4 card.

    Thanks for any help!

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    RE: Nokia Connectivity Card DTL-4 and Microsoft CE 3.0 (Pocket PC 2002)

    I have the same Problem. The only difference is the Jornada it is the 548. Have you find a Answer?

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    RE: Nokia Connectivity Card DTL-4 and Microsoft CE 3.0 (Pocket PC 2002)

    The socket driver BT120D.exe is also good for a DTL-4 card.
    After installing it create a file named wince_dtl4.reg with the following content:


    The last 6 characters of the "nokia_mobile_phones-dtl-4-624d" may vary depending on the type of your dtl-4 card. You can also check these numbers in the registry of your desktop after installing the drivers.

    If you are ready with the registry copy it to your PPC and register it with a registry editor (Tascal for example).
    I've already tested it, but only DUN connection works like this.
    Hope I could help...

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    RE: Nokia Connectivity Card DTL-4 and Microsoft CE 3.0 (Pocket PC 2002)

    unfortunately, the trick with registry editor doesn't work on my hp jornada 720. the socket's installer doesn't create such a key at all... even if i created it manualy (with strings and values as below) the card stays not recognizable.


    first of all, i woud like to describe my opinion how stupid it is to make a compact flash device (the h/w interface designed specialy for handheld devices like p/pc, h/pc and cameras) and not suply it with proper drivers for handhelds...

    "bravo" for nokia!

    well, then, i think, if nokia doesn't have plans to support their "precious customers" (who trusted to it's mark) anymore
    (see http://www.socketcom.com/support/transfer_nokia.asp), than it's on nokia's part to upgrade firmware of their product for free in their services, so that customers don't have to pay $60 to socket company for that.
    or, if it's too big problem for nokia to take care of their customers this (proper) way, than at least they should put modified socket's drivers on nokia's portal...

    same thing, i suppose for palm and psion users...

    its not the first time that nokia provides "sell_and_forget" politics to their customers (see what happened with 7110 phone - only third party soft but modem drivers)...

    you nokia_people can not trate your customers like that... why? because you have your mark established (and the good mark is definitively the thing worth of keeping) and your products are too much expensive for that.

    imagine, what if our (disapointed customers) opinion leaks out to the press, not just nokia forum, you could loose many, many people's trust... just like that <click with fingers>...

    you should have big signs "our customer's problem is our problem" by every desk in every office.


    marek szymkiewicz

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