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    My MIDP WAP Nightmare 3410- Please Help

    I have eagerly awaited the arrival of a MIDP phone for some time and have created a number of apps ready for deployment but now i enter the wap zone. I have created a site at wapdrive.com and linked to .jad files located (with the jar files in the same location) on my webhost but i just get file of unknown format errors. The programs have all been run on emu through nokia dev suite but on deploy im getting nowhere. In addition I am using O2 in the UK as my wap gateway which only seems to support up to 1k tested with another site. Can someone please post the correct procedure for deploying to wap and also a decent wap gateway I will be eternally greatful. Thanks in advance.

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    RE: My MIDP WAP Nightmare 3410- Please Help


    There is one thing by how you can make sure that the wap server is
    not recognize .jad file.

    Try to put our wap link point to .jar file.

    The reason could be that there is not right mime type configured in to the server.

    A useful tool for checking that you have the correct MIME types set up on your server is the web-based header reader at:

    You enter the URL of your WML, JAD, or JAR file (use correct case) and click on the view page button. The website then makes a request to your site and displays information about the HTTP headers that are returned. The header results should be:

    WML file:
    Content-Type: text/vnd.wap.wml

    JAD file:
    Content-Type: text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor

    JAR file:
    Content-Type: application/java-archive

    Then you might have problems with manifest, emulator might not be trusted in everyway, so you need to create a manifest inside the jar file. It can be done with jar cfm my.jar manifest.txt *.class

    I hope this help you find the reason of error.

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    RE: My MIDP WAP Nightmare 3410- Please Help

    i cant get any applications to download through o2, phoned and emailed them but they say theres no problem!! what site have you managed to download from? i've not managed to get anything working!
    i'm gonna keep sifting trough the web, if i find anything i'll let you know.
    would be interested to know what you've managed to download.
    also cant get a screensaver to download from nokia, this makes it look like the o2 gateway is to blame!

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    RE: My MIDP WAP Nightmare 3410- Please Help

    <<decent wap gateway>>

    This topic has already been covered in this forum, you could have got your answer by searching on: WAP gateway UK 3410

    Anyway to answer your question...

    I had the same problem with my 3410 in the UK. I found thru a lot of trial and error that the only solution was to configure the phone (in Services menu) to use the Orange WAP gateway - you should be able to use this even though you are an O2 customer (I am a Vodafone customer). The UK Vodafone WAP gateway just doesn't support Java downloads at present for the 3410, from what you're saying neither does the O2 gateway.

    The Orange gateway WAP settings are:
    Homepage: http://Orange.Multimedia
    Connection type: Permanent
    Security: Off
    Bearer: Data
    Dial-up number: +447973100500
    IP address:
    Authentication: Normal
    Data call type: ISDN
    Data call speed: 9600
    User name: Orange
    Password: Multimedia

    I got this information from:

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    RE: My MIDP WAP Nightmare 3410- Please Help

    managed to download a 1K app but no more.
    me thinks the o2 gateway is poo!
    tried wire3 gateway but cant connect, have to try the orange method.
    cheers for help will post back if i get any results!

    what a pain in the a*se, all i want to do is play tetris on my new super-duper do anything java phone!!!!!

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