I wrote application which sends image Files with a particular MIME type by MMS.
To do that, I use a MMS MTM client: CMmsClientMtm.
iMmsMtm->SetAttachmentTypeL( attachmentID, content );
where content is the MIME type of the send file.

The image file is recognized by the mobile phone ( a 7650 ): I can open it with the standart image viewer, but it is not a standart for the MMS. If I do not use the explicit iMmsMtm->SetAttachmentTypeL, the MTM client does not recognize the type and "crash".

But when i declare explictly the mime type, the MMS is send correctly, and I can see correctly it in the send folder of messaging application.
But when i receive the MMS, the image file is deleted and remplaced by a text message : Unsorpported content type.

How can i do to receive correctly the MMS ?
Must I write a recognizer for this mime type ?