Hello everyone,

I'm developing an application for a Series 60 devices (I use Nokia 6600 for test) that communicates using the data calls.

When I answer the phone call using the AnswerIncomingCall(...) function I can hang up that call using the HangUp(...) function.

But, when I want to make a call I can't use Dial(...) function (don't work on this phone) so I use AT commands. When I try to terminate that call with HangUp() function, I get the KErrNotReady error code. I think that is because HangUp() function terminates an active call established with the Dial(), Connect() or AnswerIncomingCall() functions.
Then I tried to switch to command mode (+++) and to send ATH command to modem but that didn’t worked also.

Here is the code I tried:
_LIT8(atcommand, "+++");
comm.Write(iStatus, atcommand);
_LIT8(hangup8, "ATH\r\n");
comm.Write(iStatus, hangup8);
I even tried to wait for 3 seconds after sending the "+++" command (to be sure that the modem is in command mode).

Am I doing something wrong or is there anything else I should do?

Thanks in advance,