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    Installation problem

    Dear everybody,
    I am newbie , I just install a sdk, but I cannot do ask I read the document. The sdk is serie 60 v2.

    My obstacles are :

    - I cannot find command : abld makefile vc3, I don't know this command come along with sdk or not.

    - In fact, I haven't got perl 5.18, for me I don't know how to active it, and where should I find it?

    Thank you for your helping,
    Teddy kim

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    The SDK has ActivePerl, and typically installs it, but you can also download it from http://www.activestate.com/

    To create abld, you first have to run "bldmake bldfiles", then you'd do "abld makefile vc6" (not vc3, because only Visual Studio/C++ 6 is supported, and 'makefile' is, of course your makefile).

    In any case, you might want to buy the "Developing Series 60 Applications" book, because it will get you up to speed much faster: http://forum.nokia.com/books

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