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    IMP:What are Operating systems in mobiles?

    Hi, can somebody please explain about the operating systems in mobile.Also please tell me what are different operating systems available in mobiles ...and which operating systemic used in which type of mobiles.......

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    They use either vendor-specific, vendor-proprietary operating systems (like all Nokia Series 30 or Series 40 models use a Nokia OS).

    Or they can use the Symbian OS (like Nokia Series 60, Series 80 and Series 90 models).

    Some use the PalmOS from PalmSource.

    Some use Windows CE (also known as Windows Mobile) from Microsoft. Two variants, mainly: Windows Mobile for Smartphones and Windows Mobile for PocketPCs (PDAs).

    Some are based on Linux.

    There's also a Java based phone OS entering the market called SavaJe (I haven't seen or heard of any actual phones using it yet, though).

    In some cases the operator/carrier specifies the operating system. Such as case is the TRON OS for NTT DoCoMo phones in Japan.

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