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    Error Code -7630

    Does anyone know where can I find info on error code -7360?
    it appears when using the http stack on S60 Symbian SDK.

    Rafi Ton

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    First of all, the information you seek is contained in the following header file:


    However, as is usually the case, you have to dig through this file a little to find what a return code of -7360 actually represents.

    First of all, you'll notice that there is a constant defined around line #145 called KHttpErrorBase with a value of -7200.

    Then, around line #496 is another constant called KErrHttpMissingHeaderBase with a value of KHttpErrorBase-160.

    Finally, around line #503 is the constant your actually looking for called KErrHttpEntityHeaderMissingContentType with a value of KErrHttpMissingHeaderBase,

    So, at the end of the day, -7360 translates to a missing Content-type header in your request.

    Hope this helps.


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