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    picture messages

    we've developed a system using CMPP (china mobile peer-peer) protocol for sending logos,ring tones, messages and picture messages using our website. the problem we are facing is when we send the picture message to mobile the message is recieved by the ME(mobile entity) but with flipped picture. Let me explain what i mean by flipped picture. Actually the recieved picture is mirror of actuall picture. But this thing never happens with operator logo. Logo is recieve exactly.
    This problem is quite confusing. Any help or suggestion is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ali Naqvi

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    RE: picture messages


    Have you asked any help from your Service provider (China mobile)? This seem to be related to your coding or your SMSC interface.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    Re: picture messages

    We are looking for a multi line Softphone which should work on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT/2000/XP. If not possible, 2000 and XP only may be considered. It is to be used in cinjunction with a predictive dialer software silimar to www.voicent.com

    Product should be written in C. Alternatively can be written in C++ but if using a particular class library inform us of which one. eg MFC/ATL/WTL OK.

    Product should have dial, hangup and answer features. It should also show basic call progress indicator - eg dialing. busy, Idle, etc

    The product should be able to register with a SIP server. Should be able to hear other caller through speakers or headphone. 'Speak' to other caller via PC microphone.

    Full source code must be submitted with product

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