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    Cannot install *.sis on the phone??

    Dear everbody,
    I use serie_60_v2.0 sdk, I can run it on emulator, but when I upload it to my phone, and I try to install it, it appear the msg error : "Application may not be compatible with device. Quit application?". My phone is N-Gage.

    I have some questions to ask you,
    - What's is the problem?
    - Is there difference version of software of N-Gage?
    - If it's , how could I know my version of symbian?

    Thank you in advance,
    Teddy kim

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    Nokia NGage (both old & New one) is using Symbian OS version 6.1. The SDK V2.0 is made for phones operating with OS version 7.0s.

    So to be able to program for NGage, you should instead use SDK version 1.2.


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