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    old series 60 not showing some images

    I have a problem displaying some pictures in the browser of Nokia 3650 and N-Gage.

    I thought that my URLs were too long but this is not the case. In the example below, the first and last image is shown, but it second is not. All 3 images are the same.

    <img alt="-" src="http://app1.unwire.dk/ImageScaler?url=http://app1.unwire.dk/mick/nokia_a.jpg&amp;w=50"/>

    <img alt="-" src="http://app1.unwire.dk/ImageScaler?url=http://app1.unwire.dk/mick/nokia_ab.jpg&amp;w=50"/>

    <img alt="-" src="http://app1.unwire.dk/ImageScaler?url=http://app1.unwire.dk/mick/long/nokia_a.jpg&amp;w=50"/>

    this example is at http://app1.unwire.dk/mick/nokia.wml

    I don't see this problem on any other phones.

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    I used sw 2.50 and I can see those all three Nokia images, so I cannot help you about this problem.


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