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Thread: SSL or WTLS

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    SSL or WTLS

    Hi all,
    I'm developping a financial application on mobiles and I'm very interested in knowing the security features of nokia devices.

    Mainly, I would like to know if a given device is supporting SSL or WTLS.

    For example, the description of Nokia 6220 simply doesn't say anything about it. The only thing that is said is that it supports WAP 2.0.

    I know that WAP 2.0 specification based security on SSL but I know some other devices (ercisson) that seems to support WAP2.0 (in fact xHTML) but not SSL (in fact, it supports WTLS).

    Where can I find more precise information about SSL or WTLS support.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: SSL or WTLS

    Please let me also know, if you have answer for same.



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