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    UMTS(WCDMA) & 7600 BT Driver

    Hi, can I set my bluetooth modem driver to connect to my Nokia 7600 over a UMTS net for connect my PC at 384Kbps? With the original cable DKU-2 I can download at 384Kbps, but with the bluetooth dongle, the modem is limited at 112Kbps, and also with the bluetooth driver downloaded at the nokia site for my 7600 and upper the maximum speed at 460800 bps but the max download rate is fixed at 112Kbps, the download is limited at 112Kbps. I think that is a limit of a bluetooh dongle or bluetooth 7600 driver technology! I have a BELKIN F8T003ef with max data rate at 723...I don't understand if the dongle can transmit at max 732Kbps the modem is limited at 112. Why the Nokia site does not explain any problem for the bluetooth modem driver? Anyone can help me?
    Thank you.

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    Re: UMTS(WCDMA) & 7600 BT Driver

    I have the same problem. I cannot get the 7600 to connect to 3g any faster than about 112kbps. The SIM card I am using works fine at 384kbps in a PCMCIA card. I've installed the correct 7600 BT XP modem driver. Any ideas?

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