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    soft key bug in 3410 JVM

    I am writing an application for the 6310i and 3410. The application uses FullCanvas and therefore the List() class to create a menu with a couple of options in. Pressing the left soft key (FullCanvas.KEY_SOFTKEY1) activates the menu. This works perfectly fine on the 6310i but the 3410 is only able to activate the menu once.

    It seems that the List() class does not release the control of the left soft key back to the FullCanvas.

    Is this a known bug and solved in later firmware releases or not?
    My 3410 has fw 3.06. In what version is this solved?

    /Jesper Almstrm

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    RE: soft key bug in 3410 JVM


    This is a bug and is solved in new/later firmware releases.

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