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    sms with url / wap-link

    We have a strange problem.

    While testing a new service all phones used an url sent in a sms.

    On nokia we tried to do the same with the "use details"-function. The problem is that the phones do not find the url /wap-link.

    The link is formed like this: http://wap.xxxxx.no/vml

    It stands alone and works when we type it inn the web-browser, but when sent in a sms the phone does not indentify it...

    Is there any formating / setting that ensures that the nokia phones will find the url / link in a sms?

    Is there some thing that must be written in the header?

    Please help!

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    At here i can got more information about your project. But for sending SMS from WML you can take this away
    1. You must have SMSC address. It can take over with your provider phone at your pleace or you can using device GSM for take handle your application.
    2. Some provider can support SMS with using E-Mail address for that cek out at your provider methosd and ask that.

    I hope it can helping you.

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