hello,I have a question.I have installed Nokia Developer's Suit b0.2 integrated with adobe Golive6.0 and Nokia Series60 SDK for symbian v0.3.I created a smil file in golive6.0 incuding a picture whose format is JPEG and a simple text.I used Nokia Tools to encapsulate and deploy it in the MMSIN directory that the epoc emulator was installed.But when I opened the MMXIN box in the epoc emulator I could't find this message and I found a "bad.content" file in the MMSIN directory and the mms message disappear.It seems there is syntax error in the smile file,but I don't know where the error is.I found no such error occur only when I composed smile message including a pure text.Anyone can tell me how to create a correct smil file by golive 6.0? and where the help file can be found? Thanks in advance.