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    Voice Recognition in Symbiam

    I am trying to write a Automatic voice recognition for series 60 as my undegrade thesis at UCT (Cape Town - South Africa) and I would like to know what can I use, classes engine, sdk whatever that will allow me to acomplish that.
    The ideia is to use a alphabet recognizer and display it to the screen. I would like to use the record funtion of the series 60 and work with the wave file the it produces to do some kind of DSP and be able to detect what was said...

    Please help...


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    well, i'm working on something like that,

    but i'm trying to use control a robot through voice... as a graduation project.

    well, i'm trying to write my own code... studying the voice recognition algorithms...

    the problem is that i can't find a way to directly analyse the sound comming from the mic...

    well, when i figure something out i will tell u...

    please share what u get with me.. i need it..

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