i want to avoid having the user be prompted for opening an internet connection. after all these little problems like not showing the prompt etc have been solved, there is the question of which access point to use.
is there any guideline or directions available for that?
i mean, i do have the SIM's operator id from the phone data, so it should be possible to make a sensible choice.

On my test phone i have about a dozen different access points in the menu, most of which are for different providers altogether.

so what i want to do is: take the list of internet access points, filter with the operator id and if more than one, use the highest rank or provide the user with a choice of useful options only.

i guess the information must be hidden somewhere in the CommDb tables or CApUtils classes, but I would guess that such an elementary task would be provided in form of some interface to be used. Maybe I am just searching for the wrong keywords in the help CHM file?

Or is there some basic documentation available about how to filter IAPs? or is it ISPs? where are those class hierarchies, table contents and their relationship described in detail?
are there any other example programs for networking/telephony apart from IAP connect?