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    Really New Need Some Help

    Hi, I am a really new developer to Symbian C++ and I need some help.

    I need to develop an application that waits for incomings calls and when this calls are received play a video/melodie based in the incoming call number.

    The questions that I need to resolve are:

    1) ¿can I develop in symbian a program that starts just when the phone start like a windows service?

    2)¿can I register events like incoming calls with programs during installation o in the program itself?

    3)Is really hard to develop to the symbian c++ platform? I have a great experience with J2ME MIDP but this is another world...

    Thanks in advances guys

    Pedro Rodriguez

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    1. just search this forum with "auto start" and you'll find plenty of discussions with practical examples in them.

    2. not during installation, but after intallation when you run your app, you can monitor certain events with it. For monitoring phone calls search this forum with "incoming call" key word.

    3. Not really, starting is hard, but ones you get it going it becomes easier.


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