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    camera + GPRS crashes on 6600


    I've made an aplication, which take photos and send them by GPRS.

    Camera works just fine, GPRS too,
    But when I try to use camera while GPRS connection is active - nothing weird happens ;-)...but when I try to send this picture (or sometimes next picture) I find myself thrown out of network (I mean phone network, not internet) and I can't set network manualy(Phone writes it's prohibited).

    I've checked that everything is allright until i start view finder, though I don't do anything in ViewFinderFrameReady.

    The problem is not in not- releasing or stopping camera or viewfinder( because I do it).

    And so I'm out of ideas.
    I'm using SDK 2.0 with cmaera 6600 plugin.

    And I try both deprecated - RCameraServ and CCamera.

    Can it be, that there is a bug in phone or SDK? Or it's rather my bug.
    Anybody had similiar problem?


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    I'm not sure if it's related, but I've seen the native camera app say that it's 'overloaded' and it refuse to show the viewfinder when GPRS is up and transferring lots of data.

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