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    data cable transfer of j2me apps

    Hi, I'm sure this question has probably been asked a few times but I can't find a suitable answer on the site.

    I've got a 6310i and I'd like to transfer an application from my pc to the phone. So far I've gleaned that I need to use the Application Transfer tool that is supposed to be part of the PC Suite - unfortunatly can't seem to locate it.

    Thanks for any help.

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    RE: data cable transfer of j2me apps


    The version fo 6310i have to be, Nokia_PC_Suite_4.81,
    and the tool needed to install Java MIDlets into phone is
    Application Installer,
    whick can be found from
    Nokia PC Suite->
    Application Installer,

    There is also way to install MIDlets into phone
    by using Nokia Developer Suite which contains deplayment tool for
    transferring MIDlets into the mobile.

    I hope this will help you

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