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    SIP plug-in registration


    Im trying to use the Nokia S60 Sip plug-in to register to public sip servers (e.g. iptel, sip411) without any luck. It says "registration failed" although the 200 OK seems to be coming back from the server. Can someone plz let me know if they were able to configure it properly and got it to work. Thanks in advance !!

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    Public registration

    I can register successfully, but am having trouble with my invite. When I send an invite, I get a response of 408 (timeout). My contact with the server (I'm using MCI) cannot find any record of my contact.

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    register failed

    I have series 60 sdk 2.1 and sip_plug 2.0,
    and i have confgured the terminal emulators following the user 's guide .
    when runing emulatorsA and B respectly , it can register successfully .but when one has registered , the other can't register .
    i create a new profile in the moduculator . these two profile can regester succesfully in the same modulator .

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