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    Breakpoints with Borland Builder X

    Does anybody ever got a clue how the Borland BuilderX handles it's line breakpoints during on-target debugging.

    Basically I have project that has quite a many cpp & c files mixed together and it seems that breakpoints in some of the cpp files are un-accessible, and all breakpoints in c files are never used.

    The breakpoit list shows nice green checked mark in all breakpoits that work and other ones have "(unverified)" text in the end of them.

    So anybody who knows how to get these "(unverified)" breakpoints to be verified ones ?


    //----------- update ---------------------//
    basically after re-building & re-re-building I managed to get all "(unverified)" tags disappear. Anyway still most of the breakpoints are not working.

    Also for some reason when I'm in one of the c-files the first breakpoint is called when I go into the function in it. But then I can't go step-by=step in that file. The Borland BuilderX keeps complaining that the file can not be found..

    even thou I only use one source folder and the file is there and defined in mmp file correctly.

    Also supplying right file name with full path, wont do any good and the debugger just jums back to calling cpp file, without any explanation...

    Anybody have had similar experiences ?


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    Ever got it to work? I faced the same problem, and went even that far that I monitored bluetooth connection and found out that builderx actually never set the breakpoints. I was able to set breakpoints in gdb however.. So I suppose BuilderX has problems communicating with gdb or something like that..

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