Hi all,

I've got some problems with pixel manipulation during my application development on Series 60 platform.
How to convert TRgb value into the 32-bit pixel value? Although TRgb.Value() function gets a 32-bit unsigned int, it's not exactly what the TBitmapUtil.SetPixel(TUint32 aValue) function wants...How to deal with it?
Within my application, I'm dealing with CFbsBitmap, and I need to assign R,G,B values separately to every pixel dynamically. At the same time I'd like to get the sum or difference between two pixels, and I find it's not so good by direct calculation of 32-bit pixel value, so I guess it might be better to handle every pixel by R,G,B separately. So I want to know the conversion between TRgb value and 32-bit pixel value.
Thanks a lot!!!