I am looking for some advice on whether it is possible in any way to read the Senders' phone number of an SMS message using a j2me app on a Series 40 5th Edition phone. I do not need to read any contents of the actual SMS itself just the phone number from the sender.

I know from extensive post reading on this forum that J2Me cannot access port 0 messages, but I wondered if there was any way to access just the phone number. Things that I have thought of so far are :-

1) Could the app just read the senders' phone number of an incomming sms and nothing else on port 0?
2) Is there any access via j2me to the "Message Details" file, if I could access this it would give me what I want?
3) Is there any way I can get this info using JSR177 APDU and CRYPTO directly from the SIM card as both of these are supported on this device??
4)Any other way that anybody else can think of?

By the way, doing this on an S60 phone is not an option for me. Any help or advice appreciated.