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    Some WAP Push over GPRS and General WAP Questions

    1. How is WAP Push done over GPRS for mobile that is not attached or attached but does not have a PDP context?
    If the mobile is not attached or does not have a PDP context, then do we need to do a network initiated attach or pdp context activation before we send a WAP Push over GPRS?

    Alternately can we send a WAP Push over SMS to trigger a SIR/SIA. SIA would then trigger the mobile to actually attach or create a pdp context - in this case the resulting attach or pdp activation would be mobile initiated. After this the content can be sent over a WAP Push on GPRS bearer.

    Between these 2 options I wanted to know what is suggested or what is being done for Push over GPRS.

    2. What is the primary difference between WAP Push over GPRS and GSM-SMS besides the data length that can be pushed? When is one used over the other?

    3. A different question regarding WAP Push over GPRS, where the protocol stack for push-ota would be IP/UDP/WTP/WSP/OTA (OTA-WSP scenario). Given this does WTP do SAR or does it leave it for IP to do it. Standards mention that if IP is the lower layer then WTP SAR is optional. I would like to know if by default WTP disables SAR if running over UDP instead of WDP.

    4. After mobile client performs any get/post like operation over WSP using class 2 WTP, is there a way to notify the wap gateway to hold back before the response is sent.
    In other words,if the mobile is the initiator and sends a WTP "invoke" message to the wap gateway with Transaction class 2, can the gateway be put on a hold state before it sends the WTP "result". Normally the gateway sends a WTP "result" or a WTP "hold" in response to a class 2 WTP "invoke" message. But can it recieve a "hold" if the mobile is the initiator when it has already recieved a "invoke".

    5. When is WTP Transaction class 2 used? Is it for all get operations from mobile to wap gateway/server?
    Thanks and looking forward to your feedback.

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    RE: Some WAP Push over GPRS and General WAP Questions


    Quickly, unfortunately Nokia Phones don't support WAP Push over GPRS.

    I hope to get back to your questions 4 and 5 next week, since they require some digging..

    sannah/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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