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    How to write a DB since mobile phone?


    I need help about a problem.

    I have developed a game in j2me 1.0.4 and i make an http connection with a php page, this php page write and read over a Mysql DB.

    Ok, my trouble comes when i want to run my game since the mobile phone, because i can do that since the emulator (wireless toolkit 1.0.4) but i can´t do that whit the mobile phone.

    When i use my mobile phone, i can read from the DB and i get that information in my phone, but i can´t write the DB and i don´t know if i really can access to the DB through the php pages again or if i only can do that once time.

    Please!!!, if anybody know some about this, please, help me! .

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    when you try to send the info to the http server, does some exceptions occur ?
    If not, there is a problem with your php page.

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